Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Welcome to the Dynamic Syllabus
A website dedicated to gathering information about re-visioning the syllabus across disciplines. It's goal is to provide college faculty and other educators with alternatives to traditional 8.5" x 11" black and white formats. The goal isn't to do away with traditional syllabi but rather make a common document more accessible so that students engage with them throughout a semester. While not all courses may take full advantage of these examples or ideas, this space hopes to provide the forum and opportunity to explore pictures, visuals, and other ways to enhance the syllabus. 

Steps for creating:
1. Invention (do you have old syllabi you could use?)
2. Requirements (what does your institution need, what does your course need, what do you want to add personally to the course)
3. Arrangement (what goes where? are you going to use a template? what kind of template?)
4. Experiment (what works for your discipline? what might not work for your discipline?)
5. Focusing on different needs (universal design issues, implementation issues, economic issues especially printing, online classes, vs. offline)

Word Templates
Microsoft Word Templates (for free!)

A Standard Word Template
Try out my own template

My first year composition class' syllabus:
Calendar-like Schedule
Grading Policy
General Syllabus

Sample Syllabi:
Biological Anthropology
History (US Civil War) 
History (Latin America)
Media Studies

Helpful Suggestions:
Eleven Fast Hacks for Syllabus Creation
Using Microsoft Publisher? Try this.